I am an Entrepreneur

Congratulations! You have landed on this page either because you have already started your own business or because you recognize that you have qualities that are entrepreneurial in nature – or, maybe you’re one of those people who just likes to visit all the pages on a site.

Regardless, you have discovered the entry point to a kaleidoscope of resources and opportunities for people who: have an idea, are obsessed with solving problems, are dissatisfied with the status quo, are others-focused, are passionate about what they do, are wired to take action, are committed, view failure as a natural progression to success, are undaunted by risk, and/or either want to start a company or need help with their current company.

These are some of the qualities Innovation Central uses to describe an entrepreneurial mindset.

For new and early stage startups, Albuquerque New Mexico’s tech hub eco system of accelerators and incubators offer great ways to grow and scale your businesses.  

Incubators & Accelerators

Whether your company is in its infancy, needing basic start-up help like office space and community resource contacts, or if it has moved into adolescence, requiring more mature services, such as assistance with operations, strategy and capital, let Innovation Central introduce you to organizations that can provide guidance at all levels of business growth. When you join one of our incubators or accelerators you get more than just free desk space, you become part of a family. Our community of like-minded people come together at events every day and share a journey of success.  

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