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While Silicon Valley remains at the heart of the nation’s technology and startup industry, emerging cities across the country claim growing tech scenes and plenty of opportunity for IT professionals and their families.

Albuquerque is vibrant with technologists, entrepreneurs, researchers, creatives, venture capitalists, startups – just look at the number of tech incubators and accelerator programs.

The city of Albuquerque New Mexico has begun to invest in a complete revitalization of technological innovation supported by public-private partnerships, community organizations, investors, government and the academic universities.

In August 2017, a $35 million, six story 60,000-square-foot startup facility will open and house the University of New Mexico’s tech-transfer office and Innovation Academy, along with startups and partners involved in collective efforts to build a bustling, high-tech business zone in the heart of Albuquerque.

Students studying in entrepreneurial education programs and launching businesses will be housed in student apartments in the building’s five upper floors. STC staff and student interns will occupy the west side, along with startups working to commercialize university technology. It will also house Innovate New Mexico, which includes the state’s research universities and national labs, with a 2,000-square-foot space reserved for the Air Force Research Laboratory to open a tech-transfer office.

UNM’s Innovation Academy, which offers students direct experience and real-world skills in entrepreneurship, will sit on the east side. The Academy, with 280 students now and projections of 500 by December, will have meeting areas, classrooms and individual working spaces, plus a high-tech “maker’s space” and a state-of-the-art visualization room.

The new building’s ground floor will be entirely dedicated to entrepreneurial education and building new businesses. There is a city-run Epicenter for community entrepreneurial events that is located in ABQ site.

Innovation Central, is an Albuquerque entrepreneurial community that aims to connect people working on important projects in the area by also providing a variety of tools including accelerators, boot camps, incubators, events, makerspaces and meet-ups.

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