Video Inspires Tech Company to Move to ABQ

ComScire was incorporated in April 1994 by Scott A. Wilber to commercialize his true random number generator for use with computers. (Courtesy of Sandia Science & Technology Park)


A 9 ½ -minute locally produced video recently convinced a high-tech company to move to Albuquerque from Gainesville, Fla.

ComScire, which has manufactured and sold quantum random number generators worldwide for 23 years, relocated all of its employees and equipment to the Sandia Science & Technology Park in March.

Tired of living and working in places over the decades that had become too expensive, too crowded, lacked the right resources, and either had too much snow or too much heat, ComScire’s search was on for its next home, said president and serial tech entrepreneur Scott Wilber.

“I wanted to find a place like Eureka,” Wilber said, referring to the TV series that ran on the SyFy channel from 2006-2012. The storyline was based in an idyllic environment for innovators and super-geniuses who were given all the support they needed to ensure ideas came to fruition.

So when Deborah Taylor, one of ComScire’s directors, came across the SS&TP’s “A Day in the Life of Sandia Science & Technology Park” video (watch video here), it was truly the eureka moment she and Wilber had been hoping for: The Park was located next to Sandia National Laboratories, in a master-planned community with business-centric amenities, and it appeared to be a hotspot for synergy and support for high-tech companies. (See related newsletter story about the Sandia Science & Technology Park here)

“It was that video that got us here,” Wilber said. “It’s that kind of information that has a chance of persuading business people like us this is the place to come.”

The other factor that made a difference, he said, is the quality of life and beautiful environment in New Mexico.

Wilbur was upbeat when asked whether the SS&TP and Albuquerque are meeting ComScire’s expectations: “Given the number of people we’ve met who may develop into the kind of supportive network we’re looking for, it seems coming here was a very good choice,” Wilber said.

“We have already connected with more people here in a month than we did in the last nine years where we were.”

ComScire’s number generators provide completely unpredictable numbers suitable for key generation, data security, scientific research, random selection and numerous other applications. Its customers include defense contractors, military, and civilian security agencies, as well as state and country lotteries and gaming companies.

The “A Day in the Life of Sandia Science & Technology Park” video was made possible by the SS&TP executive director Jackie Kerby Moore, who developed the idea and vision; the SS&TP program leader Linda Looker, who coordinated the effort; Nyika Allen, CEO of the NM Tech Council, who was the talent and producer; and Andrew Griego, videographer.

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