VentureBeat Article Applauds ABQ’s Inclusive Ecosystem

Reporter hails city as leader in supporting, leveraging immigrant entrepreneurs

VentureBeat, an online publication that reaches 8 million people monthly with articles targeting tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, has just released a story applauding Albuquerque’s inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The article cites Albuquerque as being a leader for recognizing the importance of foreign-born entrepreneurs to the success of both local and national economies: “Some politicians may find anti-immigration rhetoric to be an effective political strategy. But it’s a horrible way to build an innovative, thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. Mayor (Richard) Berry understands that,” the article says.

Specifically, it refers to data from the St. Louis Mosaic project, which has found that immigrants are 60 percent more likely to start a business and 130 percent more likely to have an advanced degree than the average American.

The article, which can be read in full at, is the result of a national media familiarization tour conducted earlier this month via Mayor Berry’s National Marketing Campaign.

To date, 10 positive news stories about the city and its startup community have been published by some of the nation’s most well-known media outlets, including Forbes, Inc., and Huffington Post.

The campaign is led by the City’s Economic Development Department. Its objective is to raise awareness about the city among innovative thinkers and position Albuquerque as a premier location to start or grow a business. The national media familiarization tours have been intended to garner earned coverage that supports that mission.

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