We are a group of passionate, local, social media influencers trying to positively impact the way our beloved city is perceived. Rather than waiting for the national news media to share our city’s endearing qualities, we’ve taken to our social networks to affect change and share the good news about its rich character, culture and innovation.

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Filmmakers Andrew and A. Todd get a tour of Albuquerque’s entrepreneurial ecosystem from local tech startup guru, Andy Lim.

Welcome to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Where there are fewer obstacles to keep startups from starting up.

Our Craft Over Craft video series pairs Albuquerque experts with exceptional local beer.

Follow Albuquerque entrepreneurs as they prove that Business is Blooming in the Desert, in a special podcast collaboration with Well Woman Life.

Our Searching for the Sound of the Southwest series explores Albuquerque’s music scene, unearthing its unique sound, the people behind it and the city that inspires it all.

The breathtaking light of New Mexico has inspired artists and innovators to create for millennia. Today, Albuquerque is blazing trails in the fields of solar energy and optics, and lighting the way to a brighter future.

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