Albuquerque has an incredibly diverse set of entrepreneurs – from freelance creatives to million dollar start ups. Take a look at what is happening here through the eyes of some of our residents.

Pajarito Powder

Webb Johnson, Senior Director of Business Development for Pajarito Powder, is thrilled with the tech talent scene in ABQ. Pajarito Powder, an ABQ-based, leading manufacturer of fuel cell catalyst materials, has exploded this year. They’re hiring locally, and he’s extremely optimistic about Albuquerque’s economic future.

Freelance Writer

After moving from one U.S. city to the next, Dan Dowling found his home in Albuquerque, where he was able to create a thriving freelance business in less than two years, plug into an incredibly supportive community in less than one and climb mountains every day.


Ever heard of the calm before the calm? That’s how Annemarie Henton, director of communications and marketing of private nonprofit Albuquerque Economic Development, describes the business environment in Albuquerque. A lack of natural disasters and a laid-back mindset are just a few reasons to do business in this city.


ABQid‘s accelerator program identifies and develops high-growth, early-stage businesses and invests in them with the knowledge, resources and connections they need to succeed.

Hear T.J. Cook and Trisha Terhar talk about their commitment to entrepreneurship and ABQid’s place in the Albuquerque ecosystem.

Central Features

Accessible, responsive, imaginative, inventive and sustainable are just a few words that immediately come to mind to describe Albuquerque, says Nancy Zastudil, owner and director at Central Features Contemporary Art. She and her team are focused on connecting artists with career opportunities and building their personal brands. Hear what she has to say about how Albuquerque is breaking the mold and making its own rules.


Entrepreneurs Lisa and Lawrence Abeyta, along with Scott Walker and Bryan Bingham, have founded APPCityLife and grown multiple startups in Albuquerque and continue to do so. Here’s why they love the entrepreneurial ecosystem in ABQ.

Pueblo Harvest Cafe

The food scene in Albuquerque is innovative and inspiring, a combination of old and new world cuisine. Here to tell you about this is Chef David Ruiz from the Pueblo Harvest Cafe inside the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. Chef David aims to put Albuquerque in the national spotlight of artisan food creation while highlighting the heritage of the Pueblo culture in New Mexico.

Indigo Ignited

Follow Indigo Ignited‘s journey of taking their comic book hobby to become the first American-meets-Japanese anime series. Albuquerque entrepreneurs Sam Dalton and David Pinter met two short years ago to discuss their plans to create a comic book and recently received funding to create a full-fledged anime series.


Brandon Trebitowski founded Parallax, a Code school specializing in iOS development in downtown Albuquerque. The goal of the code school is to bring success to local developers by bringing the newest technologies and skills to the rich talent pool of this city. Watch Brandon describe his project and the opportunity to be found here in ABQ.

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