News Coverage Underway After Second Wave of National Media Tours ABQ’s Startup Community

PBS NewsHour Visits FUSE Makerspace for Segment on Boosting Economy

The Albuquerque entrepreneurial community hosts through today a group of national journalists who are here to check out events happening in conjunction with Global Entrepreneurship Week and to learn about our entrepreneurial ecosystem and small business climate.

Reporters from media outlets including Inc. Magazine, National Public Radio,, Investor’s Business Daily, Venture Beat, Mashable, Women’s Enterprise and CIO Magazine have been in Albuquerque the last few days. All were here to tour the startup community and learn about the city’s infrastructure and resources to support innovative thinkers and small businesses.

The first article resulting from their visit was published yesterday at Titled “We Could Use Nuclear Research to Fight a War. Or, We Could Use it to Fuel Innovation (Like in Albuquerque)”, it is about Albuquerque “building one of America’s most unique innovation districts.” (See the article here.)

While in town, the journalists met with Mayor Richard Berry and several entrepreneurs, attended GEW events (See and toured Innovate ABQ. Their visit was part of a second national media familiarization tour created by Mayor Berry’s National Marketing Campaign.

A separate visit from PBS last week was independent of the campaign outreach and will be focused on local efforts to improve the economy.

PBS NewsHour’s economics correspondent Paul Solman toured Innovate ABQ’s Lobo Rainforest Building and CNM’s FUSE Makerspace on November 9. While at the Makerspace, he interviewed Mayor Berry, the City’s Economic Development Department director Gary Oppedahl, and entrepreneurs including custom snowboard maker Marty Bonacci and University of New Mexico student Kyle Guin, who lives and goes to class in the Rainforest building.

The segment’s air date is to be determined but is likely to occur on a Thursday in December.

Stories from the other journalists will roll out through the first of the year. The first fam tour occurred in September and attracted journalists interested in writing both travel and leisure stories as well as business articles. They included Huffington Post, Forbes, Millennial Magazine and Delta Sky. Eight articles have been published to date as a result, and more are expected to through February.

To view stories as they publish, see

Both fam tours were organized by Rough Draft NYC, one of two firms conducting the National Marketing Campaign, which is led by the City’s Economic Development Department.

The campaign’s objective is to raise awareness about the city among innovative thinkers and position Albuquerque as a premier location to start or grow a business. The national media familiarization tours have been intended to garner earned coverage that supports that mission.

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