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“If you want to make sure you’re at the right place at the right time, be in a lot of places.” – City of Albuquerque Economic Development Director Gary O.

… If that’s not possible, check out these videos.

You’ll find footage from Innovation Central events, interviews with VIPs, personal stories from local entrepreneurs and some random documentation of cool stuff that has happened in the IC.

Albuquerque Innovation Central

The City of Albuquerque has just released a video highlighting Albuquerque’s entrepreneurial ecosystem that is intended for use by the community. The City of Albuquerque,… Continue reading

Bay Area Entrepreneur Impressed by Albuquerque’s Startup Community

Allen Wong, co-founder and CMO of Campsyte outdoor co-working space in San Francisco, won a trip to tour Albuquerque’s startup community via Mayor Richard Berry’s… Continue reading

EquiSeq: Lexi Palmer

Lexi Palmer, CEO of EquiSeq, talks about her transition from Los Angeles to life in Albuquerque, and how the city helped her achieve her dreams… Continue reading

Pajarito Powder: Webb Johnson

Webb Johnson, Senior Director of Business Development for Pajarito Powder, is thrilled with the tech talent scene in ABQ. Pajarito Powder, an ABQ-based, leading manufacturer… Continue reading

Illuminating ABQ: Part 4

The light of Albuquerque has been a muse for artists since humans first set foot on its land.

SOMOS Albuquerque in the Making

Join the creators for a behind-the-scenes look at the first ever SOMOS Albuquerque and how it came to be. On Saturday, September 23rd from 4pm-10pm, head… Continue reading

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