Global Tech Startup Event Boosts U.S., Foreign Business Interest in City

Innovation Central presence attracts entrepreneurs seeking to relocate, move, visit

The City of Albuquerque’s sponsorship this month of Collision Conference, the nation’s fastest growing tech conference, peaked interest in our startup community from thousands of innovative minds, including early stage and high growth companies, foreign consulates, and media giant Forbes.

Representatives from the City of Albuquerque Economic Development Department, local accelerators and startups, and national marketing campaign firm Rough Draft NYC impressed Collision attendees with an eye-catching, custom made high-wall booth marketing Innovation Central, Albuquerque’s startup community. With a Sandia Mountain sunset as a backdrop, the booth featured a built-in monitor showing videos from the entrepreneurial ecosystem, graphics touting some of Albuquerque’s top rankings, and images of accelerators and startups.

The portrayal of Albuquerque’s natural beauty combined with film footage from the city’s tech and creative scenes literally stopped attendees in their tracks as they walked to and from scheduled events at the New Orleans Convention Center from May 2-4. The impressive footprint was part of Mayor Richard J. Berry’s $1 million National Marketing Campaign.

“The level of interest from the attendees at Collision exceeded our expectations. After all of our research and planning, it was a pleasant surprise to see how diverse our audience really is. Entrepreneurs from around the country and around the world want to come visit Albuquerque,” said Glenn Pajarito, co-founder of Rough Draft NYC.

One lucky company from the event will win a trip to Albuquerque, including a curated tour of the ecosystem and meetings with business leaders and resources. The recipient, who will be announced this month, is being chosen from hundreds of one-on-one contacts made at Collision.

Rough Draft, which is compiling metrics from the sponsorship, estimates about 6,000 people – more than a quarter of total attendees – saw the Innovation Central booth; Albuquerque representatives had one-on-one conversations with over 300 of those; and live, online and social media impressions during the event numbered more than 100,000.

“The word we heard repeatedly to describe our presence was ‘impressive.’ People were truly wowed by our appearance and organization and the amenities our ecosystem has to offer,” said Autumn Gray, communications manager for the City’s Economic Development Department and program manager for the National Marketing Campaign. “Even representatives from other economic development organizations were taking pictures of the Albuquerque booth and seeking to model what we are doing here.”

The National Marketing Campaign is preparing to sponsor NextGen Summit, a conference for young entrepreneurs, in New York from June 2-4 and HustleCon, an event for non-technical startup founders, June 23 in Oakland, Calif.

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