This building houses an entrepreneurial community center at 199 Central Ave NE, the heart of Innovation Central. Due to its location, it is the place for everyone with an idea – from the street sweeper who has a concept for a better broom, to a scientist with marketable research. The space is not only the launching pad for democratizing entrepreneurism but the building is also a prime example of collaboration.

The Epicenter @ Innovate ABQ sits on 7.2 acres to be developed as Innovate ABQ by the University of New Mexico. The City of Albuquerque took ownership of the building in February, when it signed an interim lease agreement with UNM. The City’s goal is to jumpstart productive activity at the Innovate ABQ property while a master plan for the property is being developed.

In preparation for activities to be held here, such as Microsoft’s high-tech children’s camp scheduled for late April, the City, with the help of private contributors, is cleaning and refurbishing the building, and installing furniture, carpet and Wi-Fi workstations.

Programs to be held at the Epicenter @ Innovate ABQ will be new, augmenting those already provided by other local entities that provide assistance to start-ups and small businesses.