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How are Innovation Central, Innovate ABQ and the innovation district different from one another?

Innovation Central is the name of the innovation district. Innovate ABQ is a multi-purpose, seven-acre project being developed at Innovation Central’s core.

Where is Innovation Central located?

It is the area that extends in roughly a one-mile radius in all directions from the intersection of Broadway and Central.

What is the purpose of Innovation Central?

To empower people to create opportunities for success.

Who can be part of Innovation Central?

Anybody with an idea.

Who manages Innovation Central?

The Albuquerque community.

How does Innovation Central affect me?

Its initiatives, many of which are outlined in this brochure, make Albuquerque an attractive place to live, work and create.

Where can I get more information?

Visit abqic.com often as we have updated to press, videos and more. Also, check out our event calendar to get information about upcoming events.