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Rock Street, San Francisco

Albuquerque suddenly has five co-working spaces, going on six, all with a slightly different niche. Before now, the most that existed at any one time was two to three.

Their owners say the proliferation is partly a response to an existing local need, partly timed with the historic burst of development in the city’s center and partly preparation for an emerging trend: By 2020, between 40 percent and 50 percent of the U.S. workforce will be independent workers either full- or part-time. Many of them will millennials, who are already the biggest cohort of the workforce and are known to seek flexibility and independence in their jobs.

Between research and innovation hub Innovate ABQ, $400 million in construction happening now in multi-use development (including Albuquerque Rapid Transit), more business accelerators than ever and now a similar number of co-working spaces, Albuquerque is quickly evolving as a place with all the amenities to support independent workers and innovative thinkers.

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