Searching for the Sound of the Southwest

An interview with The Handsome Family

Albuquerque is like nowhere else you’ve ever been. Or heard. Rooted in Mexican, Native American and Spanish traditions and sprinkled with influences from all over the world, the music here is as diverse as its people. Once home to bands such as The Shins, Scared of Chaka and The Eyeliners, Albuquerque’s rock scene is hotter than a nuclear toaster right now. Today, groups like Red Light Cameras, a high-energy indie-garage-pop ensemble; Mondo Vibrations, who spread positive vibes with their infusion of reggae, hip-hop and rock; punk rockers Russian Girlfriends; and the thrash-metal women of Suspended, are just a sampling of the talent that soaks up their inspiration from the sun-drenched Southwest and transforms it into flavor for your eardrums.

The Handsome Family is one of the most well-known bands helping craft Albuquerque’s sound, having transplanted here in 2001 from Chicago. Self-described creators of “Southwestern Gothic,” they’re best known for their song, Far From Any Road, which is featured in the opening credits of the hit TV show, True Detective. In an interview with the husband and wife duo, they talk about being inspired by the Southwest and what it’s like to make music in New Mexico. Click the link above to listen.

The Handsome Family – Gold


Red Light Cameras


Russian Girlfriends

Mondo Vibrations

Russian GirlfriendsTerrible Twos

Red Light Cameras – Come On Over

Suspended – Maidens of Metal IV

Mondo Vibrations – Stay Here

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