ABQ Public Spaces Realizing Potential to be Sanctuaries

Meeting invites you to hear, discuss UNM research to improve Central Corridor

When you leave the comfort of your home, whether to take the family to a park, walk to a favorite shop or even drive to meeting, wouldn’t it be comforting to know that the public spaces you travel through or spend time in are of the highest quality? That they not only serve well the purpose for which they were built but that they also promote physical and mental health, a sense of well-being, even joy?

A team from the University of New Mexico has recently conducted an analysis of the 12,000-acre Central Avenue Corridor to determine how to improve public spaces among its neighborhoods to promote quality of life. Now the team is inviting you to join in a series of meetings this month with co-convening organizations and visionary Albuquerque residents like you.

The first of the community action forums is scheduled for 6-8 p.m. June 14 at City Lab, 505 Central Ave.

“These forums will allow civic leaders and doers to reflect on UNM’s recent research and plan actions together for improving our built environment to strengthen Downtown and several of our core neighborhoods,” said Michaele Pride, professor, UNM School of Architecture + Planning, who led the research.

Streets and sidewalks alone comprise more than 40 percent of our city’s land area. If we plan and tend to these places, we can improve the quality of our lives—giving us healthy places to exercise outdoors, room to ride our bikes, use public transit, drive our cars and walk safely.

This action forum is an opportunity to share your ideas and concerns about issues and spaces that are most important to you and enables you to learn who may already be acting on them so you can join, or invite others to join you on something not yet being done.

Among the organizations planning to attend as of deadline for this article: Groundwork Studio • NM State Forestry – Urban and Community Forester • South West Bike Initiative • UNM School of Architecture + PlanningUNM Design + Planning Assistance CenterUrban ABQCity of Albuquerque Department of Economic Development.

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