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Registration is open for the 4th annual Startup Teen Weekend ABQ, Feb. 10-12.

Diabetic eye-screening system edges toward market

Anew $1.5 million federal grant is pushing VisionQuest Biomedical LLC’s rapid retinal screening technology for diabetics closer to commercial sales in the U.S. The Albuquerque company, which launched in 2008 with advanced diagnostic software developed at the University of New Mexico, expects to begin its first clinical study next year for U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval of its technology. ... read more

New Mexico Access to Capital Report

This document is designed to assist the New Mexico small business community in their pursuit of capital. There are many options to consider when an entrepreneur is seeking access to capital. This tool is designed to assist entrepreneurs to be successful in this area.

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  • Mentorship Mondays

    Sometimes an open forum and sometimes topic-focused, this weekly event provides anyone needing guidance in their business – or potential business – an opportunity to be heard and provided with helpful direction. Attendees are asked to come with specific questions for one-on-one mentoring in a small group setting.... read more

  • innovationAcademy Internship Fair

    Looking for a good intern to help your business this spring? The fair will capture students interested in working with your organizations during the spring… read more

With the innovation district evolving, breweries exploding, & rapid transit on approach, be glad ... read more

Innovation Central just launched its newsletter - a must-read for entrepreneurs! To see a copy or to ... read more

Need a reason to consider becoming an entrepreneur? Here are 7: via @ABQBizFi ... read more

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Outgoing ABF publisher Ian Anderson: ‘Albuquerque is on the verge of greatness’ (Video) ... read more

I am a Startup / Entrepreneur

Congratulations! You have landed on this page either because you have already started your own business or because you recognize that you have qualities that are entrepreneurial in nature – or, maybe you’re one of those people who just likes to visit all the pages on a site.

I want to Help

We are glad. You are an altruist at heart and have landed here because of different reasons. Maybe you are a service provider and have a specific skill set or resources to offer entrepreneurs and small businesses. Or maybe you are unsure what you have to offer but want to help in some way;

I have Money and want to Invest

How much, and how soon? Just kidding!

Whether you are a venture capital firm or an angel, the entrepreneurial ecosystem and those it supports thanks you in advance.

I have an IDEA but don’t know who to talk to

Being clueless about what to do next just means that you still have every opportunity available to you. This is an exciting time, but a little direction would be nice. Innovation Central understands that and can help you make the connections to keep you moving forward.

I am Unsure/I defy definition

Innovation Central doesn’t want to label you. That might stifle your creativity. And putting someone in a box would certainly be hypocritical on our part. IC is by definition “anti-box.”

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