With the increasing amount of data in today’s world, cybersecurity has become a major concern in many organizations. There is a need for wealth systems, processes and technologies among the various enterprises in order to protect the sensitive information that is held by these enterprises against any potential attack. With the various emerging cybersecurity threats, several companies have been established in order to come up with ways that can prevent various organizations from these cybersecurity attacks. Below are some of the top 10 companies that have come up with innovative ways of solving the cybersecurity challenges.

1.      Aim brain

As a way of protecting various organizations and their customers, Aim Brain offers Biometric Identity service. Additionally, for smarter identification, there are 5 proprietary biometric modules for authentication. This makes it nearly impossible for most of the hackers to access any personal and sensitive data held by organizations and this greatly reduce cyber-attacks faced by organizations.

2.      Nucleon

With the ultimate goal of enabling the government and enterprises in the detection of cyber threats before they turned into breaches and as a way of revolutionizing cyber intelligence technologies, Nucleon was established in 2016. nucleon has developed several new ways of analyzing large amounts of data. Nucleon system mimics the human brain and as a result, they have the capacity to learn and do analysis on various unknown cybersecurity threats and then inform the clients.

3.      Cyberwrite

Cyberwrite is a famous companies in coming up with innovative ways of solving cybersecurity threats as it enables brokers, agents and insurers to benchmark and do a cyber profile on the various cyber insurance risks that businesses all around the world face and it also allows for the estimation of the financial impact that cyber risks have on their enterprises using a peculiar cyber profiling technology. 

4.      Brandlock

Brandlock greatly understand that cybersecurity attack is a challenge that has greatly affected not only businesses and organization but also has left a great impact on the government and as a result, Brandlock by the use of identification of different kinds of shoppers who shop online an by the removal of distractions that are as a result of adware, it has greatly improved conversions. Just through the two services of shielding and engaging, Brandlock has greatly promoted retail stores targeted offers.

5.      Deep Armor

There are various cybersecurity services that are offered by Deep Armor and this includes web services and applications, Internet of Things and mobiles and cloud technologies that greatly help in solving cybersecurity threats and risks. This company has remarkable expertise when it comes to threat modelling, penetration testing, assessment of technical securities and various processes in information technology.

6.      Deceptive Bytes

When it comes to prevention of real-time cyber attacks, Deceptive Bytes offer excellent endpoint cyber defence solutions through the use of deceptive technologies.  This incredible solution allows the system protection through a pinpointed handling that is operated through a user-mode via an endpoint kill chain, without any dependence on patterns or signatures or the necessity for regular updates.

7.      Lucy Security

As way of enabling and give organizations the capacity of testing their security and these organizations evolving against the various cyber threats, Lucy Security offers services and tools such as awareness training, simulations of phishing, malware simulations, stimulated ransomware and the assessment of technology and this has greatly reduced the number of cyber risks and threats that an organization or the government faces.

8.      Logz.io

Logz.io is a great innovative cybersecurity company that offers the scalable and intelligent machine in data analysis platform and is powered by Al. This platform has greatly helped engineers in the identification of critical issues before they can even emerge and Logz.io also empowers engineers to secure, troubleshoot and monitor applications.

9.      Zimperium

There are various cybersecurity that you may encounter in the government or the various enterprises and hence Zimperium has come up with ways of solving such challenges by offering revolutionary machine learning that is engine based,z9 that aid in the protection of sessions, apps and mobile data against phishing attempts, malicious apps, network attacks and device compromises

10. Zeguro

Cybersecurity risks and attacks are not only a challenge to large scale enterprises but small and medium scale enterprises are also facing the same challenge and hence Zeguro has greatly empowered both medium and small scale enterprises in identification of cyber risks in technology, processes and people and also has encouraged the regulation of cybersecurity processes of these enterprises. With this innovative cyber insurance, businesses have been able to recover from the destruction and disruption that is caused by attackers and hackers.

The above-listed companies offer innovative cybersecurity solutions that revolutionary and they extend beyond traditional detection and monitoring systems. These companies have greatly helped businesses and governments to defend and mitigate themselves against an attack that may arise in the future as they offer phenomenal innovative solutions.